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Institutional Strategy

Top Research for Society

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Research Profile

The Institutional Strategy builds on the University of Cologne’s tremendous potential to establish key research areas with critical mass and momentum, and supports the integrative development of the entire University.

Key Profile Areas (KPAs)

In the framework of the Institutional Strategy, the University has defined Key Profile Areas (KPAs) that conduct internationally competitive research on highly topical scientific, technological, and social issues. These research areas profit from strong networks and close cooperation ties with numerous regional research institutes as well as partners from the private sector.

Key profile areas (KPA)

Competence Areas (CA)

Each Key Profile Area is embedded into a thematically broader, interdisciplinary Competence Area (CA). These Competence Areas facilitate cross-Faculty research in selected areas and contribute to integrating the KPAs into the University as a whole.

Videos Key Profile Areas & Competence Areas

Key Profile Area I

Key Profil Area II

Key Profile Area III

Key Profile Area IV

Key Profile Area V

Competence Area I

Competence Area: II

Competence Area III

Competence Area IV

Competence Area V: Food Security

Competence Area VI