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Supporting Early-stage Researchers

Graduate Schools

In the framework of the Institutional Strategy, the University has created the Albertus Magnus Graduate Center as an umbrella organization for all doctoral candidates, and provides funding for the establishment of three graduate schools.

The Albertus Magnus Graduate Center

The university-wide Albertus Magnus Graduate Center (AMGC) was founded in 2014. It supports the establishment of internationally recognized quality standards in the training of doctoral researchers at the University of Cologne. At the same time, it is sensitive toward the different procedures and cultures that guide the doctoral process in different disciplines and at the UoC’s Faculties. This applies to the UoC-funded graduate schools as well as the graduate schools established with non-university partners, externally funded graduate schools, as well as external, non-campus-based doctoral candidates.

The AMGC brings together a wealth of key supporting facilities and services that are already successfully established at the UoC. The responsibilities of the AMGC include:

  • establishing a quality management system for doctorates at the UoC (structured programs and individual doctorates)
  • advising the Faculty-wide or discipline-specific graduate schools before the application, during the implementation phase, and beyond

  • developing a needs-based, non-academic qualification program for doctoral candidates in collaboration with the various institutions of the UoC
  • providing a central data and information portal
  • promoting regular exchange between the different doctoral programs and the AMGC, among other things on the joint development of solutions and best practice processes
  • promoting interaction and networking among doctoral candidates
  • welcoming and integrating newcomers in cooperation with the UoC’s graduate programs and the Welcome Centre
  • raising additional funds, e.g., for short-term or mobility grants in cooperation with the institutions of the UoC


Faculty-wide graduate schools

In 2014, three new Faculty- or discipline-wide graduate schools were implemented in the following areas:

These graduate schools enhance the existing structures of the Faculty-wide or larger discipline-specific graduate schools of the UoC’s Faculties, among them the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School for Physics and Astronomy  as well as the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne, which are both funded through the Excellence Initiative.