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Emerging Groups

DSLC: Dynamic Structuring in Language and Communication

A static view of language and communication, which makes a clear cut distinction between langue and parole, competence and performance, and categories and continua, has been shown to be inconsistent with new sources of linguistic evidence, issuing from interdisciplinary research and advancements in data acquisition, processing and storage techniques.

The Emerging Group Dynamic Structuring in Language and Communication will contribute to the recent strategic development in linguistics in Cologne, including the research group Music, Language, and Cognition and the new teaching program Sprache im Labor. Moreover, it will develop a dynamic view of language as a new area of expertise which promises to shed light on concepts that have so far escaped a coherent treatment in linguistics. The first of these concepts on which the activities of the group will focus is that of Prominence in Language.

We aim to develop a proposal for a collaborative research center (SFB) by 2016. At this preparatory stage, six of the 25 tenured linguists in Cologne (Bongartz, Becker, Grice, von Heusinger, Himmelmann, Primus) will act as principal investigators, working together to investigate prominence in language from the following four perspectives: A. Prominence and Argument Structure, B. Prominence in Prosody and Semantics, C. Prominence in Discourse, and D. Prominence in the Architecture of Grammar. The concept of prominence has been associated with different meanings and from different angles, both within and across the linguistic disciplines, and thus provides a crucial test-case for a more dynamic view of language and communication.

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Funding Period: 01.01.2014 – 31.12.2016

(Foto: N.P. Himmelmann, B. Primus, M. Grice, M. Becker, C. Bongartz, K. von Heusinger)