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Research Prizes 2018

from right to left: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Heinz, Prof. Dr. Michael Bollig, Rector Prof. Dr. Axel Freimuth, Prof. Dr. Matthias Sutter, Dr. Clemens Prescher, Prof. Dr. Roman Thomas, Picture (c) by Lisa Beller

Max Delbrück Junior Prize

The Max Delbrück Junior Prize was awarded to Dr. Clemens Prescher from Institute of Geology and Mineralogy.

Max Delbrück Prize

The Max Delbrück Prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Roman Thomas from the Department of Translational Genomics.

Leo Spitzer Prize

The Leo Spizer Prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Michael Bollig from the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Hans Kelsen Junior Prize

The Hans Kelsen Junior Prize was awarded to Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Heinz from the Seminar of Personnel Economics and HRM.

Hans Kelsen Prize

The Hans Kelsen Prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Matthias Matthias Sutter from Chair in Economics, Behavior and Design.

Pictures from the award ceremony

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  • Pictures (c) by Lisa Bella