Measure 7: Gender

The UoC will be further advancing its Gender Mainstreaming Program within the framework of five broad-ranging activities thereby supporting gender-related research activities, e.g. through the establishment of the Center for Gender Studies.

  • UoC Gender Management Scheme
    In the target and performance agreements between the rector and the faculties, the involved parties agree on specific goals regarding the promotion of gender equality at the University of Cologne. These goals include: strengthening and supporting the decentralized gender commissioners of the faculties, fulfilling the women’s quota in the appointment of professors, and integrating gender into teaching and the development of specific measures at each Faculty. The fulfilment of these requirements is tied to the provision of additional funding. The contact person is Dr. Britt Dahmen.

  • Gender-Oriented Recruitment Schemes
    To increase the number of women in leading positions at the UoC, we are actively promoting the recruitment of outstanding female junior researchers and professors. The UoC is currently developing a best-practise model for a new gender-sensitive recruitment procedure in collaboration with the NRW Ministry of Education and Research.

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Mentoring Programs
    The UoC is actively scouting its large pool of undergraduate and graduate students for exceptional female students that have demonstrated excellent academic potential. These outstanding individuals will be offered additional mentoring and training (Gender Mentoring Agency). For more information please contact Ms. Katrin Pieper.

  • Job-Sharing Program for Persons in Leading Positions
    The UoC has implemented a job-sharing program for both women and men in leadership positions. Here, the UoC offers up to five job-sharing positions for a period of up to five years. The first job-sharing positions were already filled. The program will be evaluated at the end of 2014. For more info please contact Ms. Anja Depner.

  • Career and Family Support
    In order to allow parents to attend special events or fulfil obligations outside the regular opening hours of childcare facilities, the University of Cologne has established a childcare backup service in the premises of its childcare center. Ms. Anke Jonatzke can provide further information on questions regarding childcare and the backup service.

    We also provide support for women returning to their academic careers after a longer interruption (for example maternity leave or leave to care for a sick, elderly or disabled family member). Every year, the University creates approximately 4 jobs for returning female doctoral students or PostDocs. Further information can be found here.

    Further Information can be found on the Website of Dezernat 7, Abteilung 72 (Large-scale funding projects).

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UoC Gender Management Scheme