Measure 3: Junior Researcher

The UoC is strongly committed to advancing the development of graduate students and junior researchers, i.e. postdocs, junior research group leaders, and W1 professors. To this end, the UoC will establish a variety of additional measures to:

  1. attract even more excellent graduate students and junior researchers to the UoC,
  2. support their careers both academically and professionally,
  3. support outstanding junior researchers with, e.g. internal funding opportunities and to help them achieve early academic independence,
  4. and to enhance academic and social exchange between graduate students and junior researchers.
  5. establish further UoC Graduate Schools as well as a uniting structure
  6. offer Funding Programs for Junior Researchers

Furthermore the UoC has established in 2013 an Junior Faculty Club that is open to all scientifically independent junior researchers and junior (W 1) professors including those from the Research Area Cologne. This Club acts as a platform of scientific and social exchange.

A Board of Mentors, consisting of around 10 senior faculty members and outstanding external researchers, is responsible for providing mentoring for junior researchers and for encouraging and supporting their scientific independence.